And so it began. I started by buying a 3DS to play five of the games. I bought the thing people consider to be the worst Nintendo Console to play three other Zelda games (or even 4 more). In the following I will be taking a look at all these games. Sometimes I will mostly play the remake but in that case I will try and take a look at the original. Which will be the case for the 2019 released Link’s Awakening - a faithful remake of the original. For other games like the 3DS ports of Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time it will sadly be the only way for me to play them. Let’s get some other rules out of the way. I won’t consider the Four Sword titles, because you'd need a lot of things if you want to play them, and you would also need at least one friend with a physical presence... So here it starts, an at least 15 entry long retrospective super cornucopia (tweet us even more superlatives, and nouns for the next entries of this retrospektiv) of essays about every Zelda game. I will not be reviewing them per se, even so there will be talk about the playability of the games. More so it will be a rundown of everything I can think of. The design and history, and all the interesting little things they have to offer. There may well come a personal ranking down the line at the very end of all this. So where to start in a gaming franchise with more than 400 hours of playtime? Naturally at the beginning and in chronological order. Although I debated with myself to play them in order of the brunching timeline of all the Zelda Games or just whatever Game I felt like at the time. Ultimately I thought it would be better to go with this order. But I thought playing them in chronological order would be best to experience the progress and transformation of the whole series. This series will go on to feature on this blog until at least the next year (2021), the 35th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series. How very fitting. (It may very well be 2021 at the time this article goes online.)

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